Spring All Arabians, an Arabian horse farm, established in 1985 by Kimberly Conrad in Rockford, Illinois. Kim is very hands on and is the driving force behind every aspect of the business (breeding, training, showing, lessons, marketing & sales) for over 33 years. Kim specializes in being versatile in many different disciplines of riding. Kim is skilled in the following: English (Pleasure or Equitation) Hunt Seat, Saddle Seat, Western Pleasure, Side Saddle, Halter, Ground Driving and Mounted Arabian Native Costume. In 1992 Kim worked as an assistant trainer at an American Saddlebred horse farm riding 5 gaited show horses and also giving riding and horsemanship lessons to children and adults. Kim is a true professional horsemen and committed trainer. In addition to Kim's horse skills she is also a true animal lover and cares about the welfare of each individual that is in her care. Kim worked as an Licensed Illinois State Approved Humane Equine Investigator thru Hooved Animal Humane Society and the Illinois Dept of Ag for 8 years and retired in 2008. With Kim as the trainer/rider/handler our top show horses have been very successful in the show ring and become PROVEN champions. We have bred some very nice family show horses over the years which includes our senior herd sire SAA SNORT N BLOW.

Our horses that we have owned and/or bred (past/present) have had a lot of success in the show ring. From open shows to breed shows or 4-H, from the family pet to the breeding shed they continue to make us proud!  We take great pride in and stand behind each and every horse that we have owned, bred, trained, shown or sold. We breed for quality, great trainable minds, temperament and to preserve that rare Polish foundation bloodlines in the Arabian breed. In today's Arabian horse breeding world the gene pool is getting smaller and smaller each day.  Why would you want to breed your mare into a small gene pool?  Let's go back to where it all began...to the foundation blood.  In our senior stallion SAA SNORT N BLOW we have done just that....PROVEN Champion Polish Foundation Bloodlines.

Our mare clients have been very satisfied with each Snort N Blow foal!  They are also very happy with the personalized one on one customer service that we provide to each and every mare owner. Our clients mares are treated very well (like a Queen) while in our care which reduces the stress level for both mare and the owner. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact us we’re always happy to hear from fellow Arabian lover or other horse lovers alike.

Updates & Horsey News!!!

MIDWEST HORSE FAIR - MADISON, WI (April 20, 21 & 22 of 2018)

STALLION AVENUE:  Pavilion #1   Stall #'s 2026 & 2027

LIBERTY -  Sat 4/21 @ 5pm, LIBERTY #2 Coliseum (Performer #6)
 Liberty Song used:  TBA

COLISEUM STALLION REVUE:   - Friday 4/20 @ 4pm STALLION REVUE # 2        (Coliseum)

MHF GRAND MARCH:   Fri 4/20 @ 12:30p-1:30p & Sat 4/21 @ 12:30p-1:30p (Coliseum)

Snort's show season schedule:
                April 20, 21, 22 - 2018                 Midwest Horse Fair                     Madison,  WI                
                             04-29-2018                   FVSA                                            Hampshire, IL
                                    05-20-2018                   FVSA                                            Hampshire, IL
                                    06-03-2018                   BCIHP Show                                Belvidere, IL
                                    06-16-2018                   BC Show                                      Belvidere, IL
                                    07-01-2018                   BCIHP Show                                Belvidere, IL
                                    08-05-2018                   MCF Show                                   Woodstock, IL
                                    08-26-2018                   FVSA                                            Hampshire, IL
                                    09-16-2018                   FVSA                                            Hampshire, IL

  Horsey News & Updates (03/22/2018)

*03-22-18 Happy Birthday today to SAA Snort N Blow!!!

*03-08-18 - We are formally announcing that SAA Snort N Blow "the King of Liberty" after 18 years of performing at liberty is retiring from public liberty in 2018.   Snort is ONLY retiring from liberty NOTHING ELSE. He will continue to be shown and do public appearances in the future.  Snort's last public liberty performance will be at the 2018 Midwest Horse Fair.  Snort will be in liberty on Sat 4/21 @ 5pm. Come cheer on Snort one last time in liberty.

*02-15-18 Just received word and a BIG Congrats to SAA Snort N Blow for being selected to be the one who will represent the Arabian breed in the 2018 Midwest Horse Fair Grand March held during the MHF on Friday 4/20 & Saturday 4/21 from 12p-1p. YEAH!! What a great ambassador he is for our breed!!! WAY TO GO SNORT!!!!!!​
*01/02/18  Just received word and a BIG Congrats to SAA Snort N Blow for again being selected to participate in the Liberty Presentation at the 2018 Midwest Horse Fair! This year will make his 18th consecutive year of being selected & performing in the Liberty Presentation at the fair!!  WOW 18 YEARS!!!​  Snort scheduled liberty performance is on Saturday April 21 @ 5pm and he is performer #6.
10/09/17 Congrats to SAA Snort N Blow for another successful performance and public appearance at the Danada Fall Festival in Wheaton, IL! Snort represented the Arabian Horse Breed and was a special guest with the NIAHAC Arabian club and was shown in halter and in driving harness!! As always he was a big hit with the crowd!! This was Snort's first public debut in driving harness and he really good had a blast!!  PIC's coming soon on Snort's photo page.
*09-24-17 Congrats to SAA Snort N Blow for winning all of his halter classes & he also won Grand Champion Halter Horse at today's show!! As of today, SAA Snort N Blow has WON OVER 200 FIRST PLACE WINS in his show career!!!!!  We are soooo very proud of him and all his accomplishments!!  Yeah! GO TEAM SNORT!!!! 
*08-22-17  SAA Snort N Blow has been again asked to return and represent the Arabian breed at the Danada Fall Festival. LOCATION: Danada Equestrian Center 3 S 507 Naperville Rd Wheaton, IL 60189 
DATE/TIME: Sunday October 8, 2017 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
Please come and join us and celebrate the Arabian breed with the public!! Snort will also be making his first public appearance debut in fine harness driving during the Arabian demo!! Go Team Snort!!!
 *09-17-17 Congrats to SAA Snort N Blow for winning his halter classes at today's show!! Go Team Snort!
*08-27-17 Congrats to SAA Snort N Blow for winning 1st & 2nd in his halter classes at today's show!! Snort looked great!! Go Team Snort!
*08-06-17 Congrats to SAA Snort N Blow for winning all of his halter classes at today's show!! Go Team Snort!!​
*07-02-17 Congrats to SAA Snort N Blow for winning all of his halter classes at today's show! Go Team Snort!
*06-17-17 Congrats to SAA Snort N Blow for winning all of his halter classes at today's show. Go Team Snort!
*06-04-17 Congrats to SAA Snort N Blow for winning all of his halter classes at today's show. Go Team Snort!
*04-24-17 - Congrats to Spring All Arabians and SAA Snort N Blow for a very successful 2017 Midwest Horse Fair.  Snort was the hit of Saturday nights Liberty presentation (as always)!!! Thank you to ALL who come out and support our beautiful boy each and every year!!  See you next year at the 2018 Midwest Horse Fair!!
04-09-17 Congrats for winning in all of his halter classes at the FVSA show today!! What a great way to start off the 2017 show season!!!!
*03-13-17 Congrats to SAA Snort N Blow for being selected to perform in the 2017 Midwest Horse Fair Liberty Presentation! This is Snort 17th consecutive year on Stallion Ave & his 17th consecutive year being selected for & performing in the liberty presentation at the Midwest Horse Fair! Snort will be performing in Liberty #2 on Saturday April 22nd @ 5pm and is performer #1.  Snort will also be located on Stallion Ave in stall # 2026 & 2027. Snort's formal stallion revue will be on Friday April 21st @ 12pm in Stallion Revue #1 in the coliseum!  Be sure to stop by and cheer Snort on!!!
*01-31-17 Congrats to SAA Snort N Blow for being selected again to perform in the LIBERTY presentation at the 2017 Midwest Horse Fair. This year is Snort's 17th consecutive year of being select by the MHF committee to perform at liberty. We are SO honored!! This year is also Snort's 17th consecutive year being on display on Stallion Ave and performing at the Midwest Horse Fair.  Snort's Liberty date/time TBA in early March!  Stay tuned!!!

Please check back often for updates, schedules/times of 
performances and appearances at other shows or events!
Snort N Blow & Kim
sharing a quiet tender moment together
Kimberly Conrad & Bashik Ibn Surkit 
SAA Snort N Blow & Kimberly Conrad
Snort's career winnings from 2000-2009 
Photo taken: 09-06-2009
NOTE: These are just SOME of his winnings NOT ALL of his trophy's & ribbons were able to be displayed.
"To this world you maybe just one person....
but to one Arabian horse you maybe the world"
Kimberly Conrad and Her Boys
Spring All Arabians
This page was last updated: March 22, 2018

Kimberly Conrad & SAA Snort N Blow
Photo Taken 10-10-2010
Kim riding Saddleseat
Kim & SAA Snort N Blow
Country English Pleasure
Saddle Seat
Mounted Native Arabian Costume horse Bashik Ibn Surkit
Kim In Arabian Native Costume
Kim riding Mounted Native Arabian Costume
SAA Snort N Blow winning in Arabian Hunter Pleasure
June 2014
Kim & SAA Snort N Blow in Arabian Hunter Pleasure
Hunt Seat
Kim riding astride (sidesaddle)
Kim riding Western Pleasure
Western Pleasure
Kim & SAA Snort N Blow
winning a championship in  halter
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Ms. Kimberly Conrad
 of Spring All Arabians
 "The happiest people don't have the best of everything..... 
They make the best of everything they have" 
 ~ unknown ~
We Give Riding Lesson Instruction
-- General/Basic Horse Care, Ground Safety & Handling 
-- Horsemanship 
-- English Pleasure (Hunt Seat & Saddleseat) on the flat ONLY
-- Western Pleasure (from Show to Trail riding)

Horse Training In the Following:
-- Show Ring Conditioning -  Show Horses
-- Conditioning Training - NON Show Horse
-- Halter Training (Show) - For Arabian Horses ONLY
Private Lessons ONLY
Adults & Children 
Age Limit -- 8 years & up 
Novice thru Advanced
4Her's Welcome
We specialize in Arabian horses but lessons with all breeds are welcome.


 We travel to your facility to give
 lessons / training with your own horse around the Rockford, IL area (Northern IL & very Southern WI close to the IL boarder).
- We Do Not Have Lesson Horses Available On Site
Lesson Fee:
    Adult/Children: $45
         Training Fee:
Lesson Instruction & Training Given By: 
                     Ms. Kimberly Conrad

Kim has over 33 years of experience in horses (showing, training and general care). Winning from Arabian breed shows to open shows. Kim has well over 350 first place wins and well over 75 Championship wins under her belt with horses she has owned and trained. She very well established in the horse industry in her area and is well respected by fellow show competitors.  She is also a retired Illinois State Approved Humane Equine Investigator who is deeply committed to the care and well being of animals.